1. Detox Unit
    Denver, Colorado
  2. VEIL
    Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Saltus
    Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Konka
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. Dillard
    Denver, Colorado
  6. Spundose
  7. Templo
  8. Beak Nasty
    Denver, Colorado
  9. Noetik the Alchemist
  10. Matt Pleztrom
    Paris, France
  11. TreyZilla
    Oakland, California
  12. Phydra
    Seattle, Washington


Street Ritual

Street Ritual is a music label with a deep-rooted history in the American bass scene. Focusing today on the dynamic array of heavy and seditious sounds emanating from the realms of dubstep, halftime, drum and bass, neurobass, and kinetic psychedelia, our label is a conduit for underground culture and growth amidst the sea of change sweeping through the global music landscape. ... more

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